Fontijne Grotnes’ history

Fontijne Grotnes history

The Fontijne Grotnes Group has been in business since 1909. Our founder, Andries Fontijne (1886-1952), is to be admired for his courage, craftsmanship, and perseverance.


Fontijne’s origins

Fontijne has its roots in the Dutch city of Schiedam. The company started out in 1909 as a servicing and repair company, mainly for ships’ engines and developed into an equipment manufacturer.


Our relationship with Grotnes Metalforming Systems

In 1954, Fontijne moved to its current location in Vlaardingen. In 1964, a license agreement with the American company Grotnes gave Fontijne access to the technology required to develop machinery for the wheel industry in Europe.

Like Fontijne, Grotnes Metalforming Systems began as a family-owned business. It was founded in 1898 in Chicago by Charles Grotnes. After the acquisition, both companies continued under a new name, Fontijne Grotnes.


Another era of expansion in the automotive industry

The year 2012 was another exiting year for FGG, as we acquired the Belgian company Ghyselinck NV with more than 55 years of experience in the development and manufacturing of automatic tire and wheel assembly lines. The activities continued under the new name Fontijne Ghyselinck BV. This acquisition meant an important expansion for FGG as a supplier of manufacturing equipment for the automotive industry.

In the following year we added canning & spinning techniques to our portfolio, by buying the Intellectual Property of Hess Industries for these products. This acquisition included Formitt Metal Labs, a division of Hess Industries. The newly acquired product portfolio is positioned as Fontijne Formitt, Inc.