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Metalforming equipmentfortune-grotnes

Fontijne Grotnes has developed an uncommon approach to metalforming as an alternative to conventional techniques and practices for forming or sizing hollow geometric shapes. There are two key factors to this approach: the use of hollow cylindrical blanks and the subsequent forming processes to shape the blanks.

Expanders, shrinkers and rollformers

Using cylindrical blanks eliminates the costly stamping operations of blanking, deep drawing and piercing, which can lead to expensive scrap. These blanks are formed to close tolerances, often in single operation, by expanding, shrinking or rotary roll forming. These processes eliminate machining and fabricating steps: which save time, material and manpower.

The Fontijne Grotnes sizing and forming technologies are a valuable contribution to several metalforming production processes to calibrate and form different parts. We offer the following equipment:

  • Expanders
  • Shrinkers
  • Rollformers

Forging industryexp_1_34 klein

There is an increasing need for expanders within the forging industry due to a reduction in ring tolerances. Fontijne Grotnes expanders are used to calibrate the ring in order to minimize machining allowances and to eliminate local stresses. This greatly reduces the required amount of machining as the ring is closer to its final shape and more stable during post operations.


  • Faster production process
  • Considerable material savings
  • Measurement of the inner ring diameter after expansion
  • Improvement of mechanical properties and elimination of local stresses
  • Precise tolerance





Calibrated seamless rolled rings are used for slewing bearings, flanges, gear rings for a wide variety of applications such as wind turbines, offshore technology, construction machinery, automotive and in the aerospace industry to fabricate jet engine parts of exotic alloys with tight tolerances.

Download our flyer for more information about the forging industry.

Aerospace industryexpander aerospace

The aerospace industry is driven by innovation and development. Highly stressed jet engine parts made from super alloys such as titanium, inconel, hastelloy are often difficult to form.  For example, making a jet engine more efficient will often result in more complex parts with closer tolerances. The metalforming technologies of Fontijne Grotnes helps customers to consistently size and form different parts for jet engines such as rings, cylinders, cones, etc. to closer tolerances and closer to its final shape.


> One of the key advantages of using an expander is the ability to use simple to fabricate and cost-effective cylindrical or conical blanks
> Expansion is a consistent, highly accurate and repeatable forming process with a shorter cycle time than comparable forming techniques
>The available options make it possible to form intricate profiles in a wide range of materials

Download our flyer for more information about our expanders for the aerospace industry.

Download our flyer for more information about our rollformers for the aerospace industry.

Automotive industry

automotive expanderFontijne Grotnes metalforming technologies are widely used in the automotive industry. Increasing specifications force companies to make products with tighter tolerances. Expanding, shrinking, rollforming are processes used to obtain tighter tolerances and higher accuracy.

Electric motor and generator housings

The production process to make housings for electric motors, alternators and generators often requires machining to bring the inside diameter and roundness to such a tolerance that the internals of the electric equipment will fit properly. Manufacturers use Fontijne Grotnes Expanders to calibrate electric motor housings over the complete length to the required tolerances, thereby eliminating additional machining operations.

Sizing  and forming emission shells

Sizing  and forming emission shells. These emission shells are first pre-formed on a Fontijne Grotnes Expander, then they are profiled using a Fontijne Grotnes Rollformer. After profiling the shells are sized on the same Expander to a final shape and diameter.


  • Expansion is a highly accurate and repeatable forming process with a shorter cycle time than comparable forming techniques.
  • After expansion, the housings are within the required tolerance for assembly. This eliminates the need for machining.
  • The Expander tooling (or die-sets) are easily exchangeable to accommodate different sized products. This gives the possibility to calibrate a large range of housings using only one Expander.
  • Fontijne Grotnes Expanders make it possible to size and form profiles in a wide range of materials.
  • During the expanding process, weld strength is tested and proven.
  • By using an Expander less material is needed and the machining time is dramatically reduced, also there is virtually no limit to the materials that can be formed or sized.



Download our flyer for more information about our expanders for the automotive industry.

Special metalforming

Hot expanderSome products require complex shapes or sharp contours. Shallow contours can be obtained by expanding or shrinking alone. To obtain those more complex shapes or sharp contours, Fontijne Grotnes can provide machines designed to force the metal to flow in special directions. Fontijne Grotnes has three general solutions in case sharp contours and complex shapes are required:

> Expander with collapsible outer die
> Shrinker with collapsible inner die
> Expander/ Shrinker combination

Hot expander

Certain exotic alloys have only a small difference between their tensile strength and yield strength. In case these exotic alloys are expanded, they could easily crack or even explode. By heating the product a larger difference between the tensile strength and yield strength can be achieved. For these applications Fontijne Grotnes designs expanders with heated dies which enable sizing and forming operations on high value alloys.


Flyer aerospace parts Expanders

Flyer aerospace parts Rollformers

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At Fontijne Grotnes, we take every project seriously through each step of the process. Our experts will analyze your request to provide the best solutions for your metalforming equipment, with an eye to cost savings and production efficiencies.