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Steel wheel manufacturing equipment

Fontijne Grotnes is a leading brand in steel wheel manufacturing equipment and processes for high quality wheels. We design and build wheel production lines since 1918, varying from stand alone machines with manual handling and loading of parts to fully automated turn-key production lines.

High production rates

For each type of rim manufacturers we can design custom-made production processes. Because we can rely on decades of experience in the automotive industry our equipment has high production rates and has a compact design compared with other rim lines.

Our process for the manufacturing of full face rims and drop centre rims for passenger cars exists of the following steps:

  • Cut-to-length line
  • Ring preparation line
  • Rim profiling line
  • Leak detector / VHI
  • Wheel assembly line

Similar processes can also be offered for commercial vehicles such as trucks, agricultural vehicles, earthmovers and ATVs.
All rims meet the European ETRTO manufacturing standards.

Cut-to-length line

prepOur cut-to-length line is designed for cutting flat blanks from coils. The strip material is uncoiled, levelled, cut-to-length and stacked. The end product is a flat sheet of material cut to a very precise length tolerance.

Our equipment is suitable for low carbon steel and HSLA (High-Strength Low-Alloy steel) materials with high yield and tensile strengths. Cut-to-length lines are designed and built according to your special requirements.

Preparation line

lasmachineOur preparation line produces steel (flared) rings from sheets and includes a series of machines from marker to weld dressing either manually operated or fully automatic.

Our welding system TC Butt welder

Our TC Butt Welder is based on DC Butt welding. The TC Butt Welder ensures a better control of the welding process, because of a major weight reduction of the welding machine, new clamping design and an improved quick electrode change system.

DC Butt Welding processes is an added value in high volume industries, because of the short cycle times. Compared to flash welding this process is much cleaner and there is a minimal of material and energy loss.

Together with our Weld2009 control system, we offer -as the only one in the market-  the possibility to control the temperature.

Weld control systems

Fontijne Grotnes has developed two welding control systems: Weld2009 and Weld2000.


Weld2009 is the latest innovation of Fontijne Grotnes for the resistance welding market. This control system is a new approach for resistance welding based upon control of temperature, pressure and position. Weld2009 is based on the knowledge of all resistance welding processes. Present welding technologies are operator dependent, without exact control of the operation. Fluctuating material and machine properties can cause an inconsistent quality. Weld2009 deals with these problems.

The weld2009 is used in combination with 1000Hz transformers, which leads to high reaction speed, less net pollution and less energy loss.


The Weld2000 package can perfectly replace existing weld controls. This system is adaptable to the many levels of technology and control schemes that are already installed around the world.

This means that existing machines do not necessarily have to undergo major modifications to their basic welding method before integrating Weld 2000. This control system is used in combination with 50Hz transformers. Please contact our Global Services department to learn more about our possibilities.


Profiling line

Rollformer for steel wheel manufacturing equipmentOur profiling line forms the ‘blank’ into a perfect round wheel with the desired profile. This process contains the following production steps:
> Flarepress
> Flaexpander
> Flowformer
> Rimrollers
> Rim edge conditioner
> Final expander


The most advanced step is our Flowformer. Flow forming is a procedure that forms the inside of the rim. Through this process the rollers force the cast material to conform to the profile of the massive steel tooling. During the process, the full width of the rim is created.

Return on investment

By using the Flowformer in the production process of a rim line the return on investments are:
Dulfer 001> Up to 25% weight can be saved, depending on the rim size
> Compared to competitive processes energy costs can be saved
> On 3 million rims, up to 4000 ton of steel can be saved per year


Leak detection and valve hole equipment

lektesterIn addition to production line equipment, we also offer a range of test and quality management machinery that our customers can utilize to manage their quality process.

Leak detection process

Fontijne Grotnes product line includes Leak Testers for testing rims and wheels. The rim is enclosed between two sealing discs to create a completely enclosed chamber. The chamber is filled with compressed air. Measuring sensors check the total weld area surface. The test principle is based on the detection of extreme small airflow’s.

Valve hole press

Valve hole equipment to give rims that have passed the test a valve hole. Orientation of the valve hole in respect to the weld seam can be chosen.

Wheel assembly line

Image 17

The final step of the rim production process is the assembly line. This process starts with disc and rim orienting. The second step is the Assembly Press where a disc is assembled to the profiled rim, followed by the Assembly Welder where the disc is attached to the rim by welding.

Run out measuring station

The Fontijne Grotnes measuring installation for car wheels is designed to measure accurately the physical run out characteristics of finished wheels. This station resolves future vibration problems.

Run Out Reducer

An optional final step is to end the process with our run out reducer to improve the quality of the wheels. The Run Out Reducer calibrates wheels coming from an assembly line, resulting in an improvement of axial and radial run-out of the wheels.

A run-out reduction of 40-50% can be achieved, which results in a significant decrease of not approved wheels.

Request for quotation

At Fontijne Grotnes, we take every project seriously through each step of the process. Our experts will analyze your request to provide the best solutions for your wheel production equipment, with an eye to cost savings and production efficiencies.