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    Fontijne Formitt is the perfect partner for your tube spinning needs. We offer a cost effective way ...

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  • Tire and wheel assembly lines

    Fontijne Ghyselinck builds turn-key and standalone automatic tire and wheel assembly equipment. Suit...

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    Fontijne Grotnes designs & builds steel wheel manufacturing equipment since 1918, varying from stand...

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Fontijne Ghyselinck for tire and wheel assembly linesTire & wheel assembly lines

Fontijne Ghyselinck builds tire and wheel assembly lines and is a reliable partner in the automotive industry. High quality combined with innovative concepts and more than 60 years of experience, results in a position as a key player for (semi) automatic tire and wheel assembly lines for several wheel types, such as:

  • Passenger car wheels (ranges from 13 – 20” and 15 – 22”)
  • Truck wheels (from 17,5 – 22,5“)
  • Trailer wheels (from 12 – 17“)

Turnkey supplier for automotive assembly line and processing equipment

We offer complete turn-key tire and wheel assembly lines; from loading tires and wheels up to unloading of the finished part. We are known for offering:

  • The smallest footprint in the market
  • Detailed product recipes can be stored to optimize the production process
  • Fast and modular inflation bell exchange system

Standalone tire and wheel assembly equipment

Our system’s modularity provides the flexibility of starting with stand alone stations, later extending the production line with additional stations to adapt to specific market requirements. The modular design can be extended to semi-automatic and fully automatic equipment.

Worldwide references

Our customer base consists of a wide range of well-known companies within the automotive industry, such as tire and wheel manufacturers (aluminum and steel), service centers (tire fitting stations) and OEM’s.

Measuring station: recognition and verification

Measuring stationThe measuring station identifies if the combination of the incoming wheels and tires is plausible and if it corresponds with the chosen recipe.

There are several ways for product recognition, depending on the customer’s demands:

  • Operator
  • Barcode scanner
  • Supervisory system
  • Vision camera
  • Tire DOT Code read-out system



This station also verifies the rim design and detects the location of the valve hole and orients it for optimal fitting conditions.


_LHF1768bThe tire and wheel soaping stations are two independent stations which take care of soaping of the rims to ease the mounting of the wheels. This station soaps both beads of the tire and the inner side of the upper bead. Separately, the outside of the wheel is also soaped.

The spraying guns are adaptable to tire and wheel dimensions, based on customer specifications.

Sprays are used instead of brushes, so there is no contact with tire and wheel. This avoids any scratch on wheel front (due to sand or dirt) and brush hairs being left behind on tire or wheel.

The process is monitored by a flow control system, to assure proper soaping of tire & wheel.

Mounting/fitting station

????????????????????????????????????The mounting station merges the wheels and tires. This system is a robust single arm fitting station with several tire positioners with infinite adjustable positioning (no increments).

No contact between fitting head and wheel

Innovative (patented) fitting unit with a combined working stroke and adjustment set up in one drive system.

There is no physical contact between the fitting head and the wheel. The profile of the fitting head allows close positioning of the head to the wheel, creating optimal guidance of the tire during assembly. The design also contains a powerful torque control drive.

Our robust fitting head can be equipped with torque graph visualization.

Matching station

The matching station is an optional station to improve the balancing and wheel behavior.

This process matches the highest points on the wheel and un-inflated tire with the means of a vision system. The result is a better balanced assembly, requiring less balancing lead weights.


Inflation station

This station inflates the tire to the correct pressure. For passenger car wheels, it includes a contactless module which allows any kind of wheel design.

With the fast and modular automatic bell exchange system, the bells are placed in a carrousel. The requested bell is rotated into position during loading time of the products.

Our inflation equipment features low compressed air consumption.

Bell exchange system

Bead optimizing

The final station in the process is to optimize the bead seat. This ensures the bead of your tire is seated properly on the wheel. A dedicated load will be applied to improve tire position in the bead seat. It also removes possible inclusions of air and soap between the tire and wheel contact surface to obtain the best wheel quality.

Using bead optimizing prior to balancing, results in a perfect balance and uniformity, which prevents another unbalance.

Several bead optimizing processes could be offered depending on customer requirements and OEM’s.


Uniformity & balancing equipment


Our offered tire uniformity machines measure force variation, run-out, and sidewall appearance. Without properly checking these forces, the integrity of the tire and ride quality is dramatically affected. These forces can cause a vehicle to bounce, vibrate, and not steer properly.

Balancing equipment

The purpose of the Tire & Wheel Balance System is to help assure the tire & wheel quality and vehicle ride quality. This is done by measuring and marking tire & wheel assemblies according to static, couple and upper and lower plane imbalance and then by manual application of corrective weights (weigh correction).

Request for quotation

At Fontijne Ghyselinck we take every project seriously through each step of the process. Our experts will analyze your request to provide the best solutions for your TWA equipment with an eye to cost savings and production efficiencies.